About Space


1. Brand New Hostel
2. Best Location in Tokyo (3-minutes walk from Iriya Station)
Furnitures Custom-made By Top Craftsmen in Japan
4. Free Fastest W-Fi
5. Brand New Computers with Microsoft and Security Software
6. Comfortable Down Quilt Futon to All Beds

7. Attraction of "Shitamachi" District

1. Brand New Hostel
Opened in March 2015! The hostel itself is BRAND NEW!  Unlike others properties the building itself was made from scratch and is brand new, especially the common area space are designed considering the details. All the futnitures used in the commong area are ordered made using natural wood and our 3 PC are with Microsoft Office with security software installed. All rooms are with quilt bedding and air conditioner to support your comfortable stay. Free Wifi 1Gbps adapted to multiple users. 

2. Best Location in Tokyo- 3 minutes walk from IRIYA station
We are located between the popular touristic destinations of Asakusa and Ueno. Only 3 minutes away from IRIYA Station on Hibiya Line. Hibiya Line goes to popular touristic spots in Tokyo including Ueno, Akihabara, Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market, Imprial Palace, Kabuki Theater, Roppongi and many more! Also we are very close to the famous Kitchen Street as well as 8 minutes bus ride away to Yanesen to experience Japanese culture. 1 minute walk to bus stop, restaurant and bank, 2 minitues to convenicence shop and drug store, 3 minutes to Hibiya Line IRIYA station. 
3. Furnitures Custom-made By Top Craftsmen in Japan
We believe the common area/living room is the most important part of the hostel. The furnitures are custom-made by the best craftsmen in Japan, and they are made of natural wood. We put a lot of effort in designing them including the details to make sure all the guests feel comfortable, and to create an atmosphere where people can easily have nice conversations. The common area/living room also include kitchen, refrigerator, and computers.
4. Free Fastest Wi-Fi
We have free and the fastest wi-fi! We are using 1Gbps wi-fi, which makes it possible for many guests to use it at the same time and still be fast. Our wi-fi works for smartphones, tablets, PC, and etc.
5. New Computers with Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus Software
We have three brand new computers in the common area with anti-virus software installed. They also include Microsoft Office for customers who need it, such as those on business trips.
6. Comfortable Down Quilt Futon to All Beds
All beds have down-quilt futon. Very warm and comfortable!
Reading light, sockets, and separation curtain are attached each bed.
7. Attraction of ''Shitamachi'' District
Space Hostel Tokyo is located in the traditional town of Kitaueno. The narrow streets are lined with small family-owned businesses. Kitaueno is home to many famous temples such as Shingen-ji temple and Otori Shrine. It also hosts many festivals each year including Morning Glory Fair (Iriya Asagao Ichi) and Tori no Ichi fair.


  1. I would like to book for female dormitory room arrivel: 06 April    leave:  09  April

    please tell me rate


    • Hello there, 

      thank you veey much for contacting us.

      The requested room will be between 3800yen and 3400 

      we have female domitories available with the range of 4 people female, 6 females and 8 femals.

      So the proce will be varied depend on the room type you will chose.

      If you are ready to book, please book trhough our website!

      We are looking ofrward to seeing you!


      Space Hostel 

      Chikako Yokota 

  2. 部屋の値段が一番安いのはいくらですか?

    • こんにちは。お問い合わせ頂きありがとうございます。

      一番安いお部屋は10人ミックスタイプのドミトリーで 3000円/ 泊 (金曜を除く平日)   3200円(土日・金曜・祝日)となっております。




      Space Hostel Tokyo