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SANJA FESTIVAL in Asakusa May 17-19

Date: May 17-19


The Sanja Festival (三社祭り, Sanja Matsuri) is an annual festival in Asakusa District which has lasted for more than 700 years and is known as one of the “3 great Shinto festivals” in Tokyo.

The festival features about a hundred portable shrines which parade from street to street and it is said that they will bring good fortune to the local businesses and its dwellers.

Highlights of Sanja Festival

DAY1: GRAND PARADE (starting at 13:00)

On the first day, you can see a procession of people wearing traditional outfits walking througout the town. Asakusa becomes filled with festivity as Geishas fill the street.


DAY2: TOWN ASSOCIATION PARADE (starting at 12:00)

On the second day, nearly 100 portable shrines are brought out from 44 neighboring towns around Asakusa Shrine. During the procession, check out the movement called the Tamafuri which the participants carrying portable shrines shake them up, down, left, and right. Historically, during Japanese festivals, the tamafuri movement was believed to bring a good harvest, have a good catch at sea, and warned away illnesses.



On the third day, the main event occurs. 3 portable shrines which are significantly larger than ones on the second day are transported from Asakausa Shrine and are paraded in the peripheral towns. Those portable shrines which were brought out on the second day are displayed from Kaminarimon gate (famous with its huge red lantern) to Umamichi-dori street.