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Recomended Onsen    Jakotsu-yu

Jakotsu-yu, is an Onsen (Hot Spring) located near the hostel.


Japansese people, especially those who lived in old Tokyo, loved to take baths at “Sento” (public bathtubs). There weren’t bathtubs in ancient Japanese family homes, so they used to go to a Sento, but nowadays every family has one. However this kind of culture still exists and they sometimes go to the Sento for a bath.

photo by ベビーキッズTV

Jakotsu-yu has the look of a typical Sento facility and natural hot spring.

The facility has many individual showers that includes mirrors, wash bowls and stools. There is also a beautiful painting of Mt. Fuji on the wall.

photo by ベビーキッズTV

Not only the bathtubs, but also every shower provides hot spring water, which is very rare and unique!


You can experience this form of Japanese culture for only 460 yen.

Tickets are sold from the vending machines inside which has English, Chinese and Korean translations.


・Business hours: 13:00 to 24:00
・Holidays: Tuesday
(But open on national holidays and close on the following weekday)
・Entry fee: Adult: ¥460, Child (6-12 years old): ¥180
・Facilties: Washing bowls, stools, lockers.

There is a PC with internet connection (15 minute limit) and iPhone charger in the lounge area.
・Notice: People with tattoo/s are allowed to enter Jakotsu-yu. This policy is very rare in Japan.
Access: Around 20 minute walk from our hostel.
Address: 1 Chome-1-1, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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