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Do you know what this is?

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Yes! It’s”Umai-Bou”.

Popular amongst Japanese people, Umaibo is one of the most famous Dagashi (cheap candies and snack foods) in Japan.


Umaibo are simply just puffed corn sticks but can also be available in many characteristic flavors.

For example, Mentaiko (spicy seasoned cod roe), cheese, corn potage, Teriyaki (grilled with soy sauce, mirin, and sugar), salami, Takoyaki (ball-shaped Japanese snack filled with diced octopus, natto(!!) and many others

Including the flavors mentioned above, there are still lots of regional Umaibos.

For example, Umaibo is collaborated with “KUMA-MON”(a famous mascot in Kumamoto Prefecture) as seen in this Instagram post.



Umaibo has been well-known for over 30 years, so majority of Japanese people have their own favorite flavor. Asking for someone’s favorite Umaibo is a good way to break the ice when you speak to a Japanese person.


By the way, I love the Salami one.


And our hostel just started a promotion about Umaibo.

Please come to the reception for more detail.

Promotion Now! Get a bottle of water and Japanese snacks at the reception! More details for guests at the reception (^^) 滞在して頂いた方に無料で水とお菓子をゲットできるキャンペーンを実施中です。詳しくは受付まで #hostel #tokyo #spacehosteltokyo #駄菓子 #japanesesnacks

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