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Fireworks Festivals in Tokyo

Fireworks festival is one of the summer traditions in Japan. It has a long history and is said that it became popular since the early 18th century when fireworks were launched around Sumida River in order that souls of a tremendous number of people who died by poverty may rest in peace, and to provide some entertainments. Nowadays, Sumida River Fireworks Festival is one of the biggest summer events in Tokyo and each ward holds a comparable festival in July and August.

Here is a list of fireworks festivals in Tokyo that you cannot miss in 2019


1.Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Date: July 27th(Sat) 7PM-8:30PM

Place: Between Sakura Bridge and Kototoi Bridge(Venue 1), Between Kimagata Bridge and Umaya Bridge(Venue 2)

Access: Within a walking distance

As it has been lasted since Edo era, it is said as the oldest fireworks festivals in Japan. These days, people enjoy viewing the fireworks with Tokyo Skytree.


2.Adachi Fireworks Festival

Date: July 20th(Sat) 7:30PM-8:30PM

Place: Arakawa Kasenjiki

Access: Take Hibiya Line from Iriya Sta. to Kitasenju Sta. and walk toward the venue for 15mins.

The highlight of this festival is the number of fireworks with modern technologies. 13,000 fireworks and laser beams will light up a night sky.


3.Edogawa Fireworks Festival

Date: August 3rd(Sat) 7:15PM-8:30PM

Place: Edogawa Kasenjiki

Access: Take Hibiya Line from Iriya Sta. to Akihabara Sta. and walk toward Iwamotocho Sta. Take Toei Shinjuku Line to Shinozaki Sta. and walk toward the venue for 15mins.

If you are going to this festival, you definitely cannot miss its opening. 1,000 fireworks will be launched just in 5 seconds.


4.Katsushika Fireworks Festival

Date: July 23rd(Tue) 7:20PM-8:20PM

Place: Shibamata Baseball Field

Access: Take Hibiya Line from Iriya Sta. to Kita-Senju Sta. and transfer to Chiyoda Line to Kanamachi Sta. Walk toward the venue for 20mins.

Are you looking for a fireworks festival that you can view them at close range? If so, this is for you. The bleachers are placed in front of the launching site so that you can see tons of fireworks on a large scale.


5.Koto Fireworks Festival

Date: August 1st(Thu) 7:40PM-8:30PM

Place: Arakawa Sunamachi Riverside Park

Access: Take Hibiya Line from Iriya Sta. to Kayabacho Sta. and transfer to Tokyo Metro Tozai Line to Minami-Sunamachi Sta. Walk toward the venue for 15mins.

It is said as the third biggest fireworks festival in Tokyo but since the event is held on a weekday, the venue is a little less congested. It is highly recommended for those who want to avoid a crowd.