Stylish hostel located in Iriya, near Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara


Located in a fantastic spot in Tokyo, the travel to many popular tourist attractions is very convenient.


    With Sensoji Temple, which is well known for its Kaminarimon Gate and Nakamise shopping street, Asakusa is the most popular spot among foreign travelers. It takes only 13 mins on foot to Asakusa, and 14 mins to Sensoji Temple from the hostel.


    You can reach Kappabashi in 4 mins on foot, where many professional kitchen supply shops and valuable merchandise can be found, and is representative of Japanese culture.


    Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi are collectively known as Yanesen.
    The traditional atmosphere is well-preserved among the shopping streets of this suburban area of Tokyo.
    You can still experience the traditional lifestyle of Tokyo here.

  • UENO

    Ueno is famous for Ameyoko and Ueno Zoo.
    In Ameyoko, which is also popular among Japanese people, you can find almost all you need in daily life, including fresh food, clothes, groceries, jewellery and accessories.
    On the other hand, lots of tourists love Ueno Zoo and their pandas very much.


    Tokyo Skytree, the landmark of Japan, is the tallest broadcasting tower, and the second highest structure in the world, at a height of 634m.
    On good weather days, you can overlook Tokyo from a bird’s eye view.
    More than 300 shops are available for shopping in Tokyo Solamachi, at the base of Tokyo Skytree.


    Akihabara, a place of pilgrimage, leads the world with its subculture.
    With Akihabara Station as the center of the area, there exists a cluster of many restaurants and cafes with animations, games and idols themes.
    It is also heavily stocked with electrical appliances.