Examples of Real Estate Types

Real estate is the business of buying and selling property, which is considered immovable and that includes real estate belonging to a single individual or individuals, partnerships, corporations, legal entities, etc. Real estate includes any tangible movable property, like buildings, lands, houses, plots, etc., with attached fixtures and fittings. Real estate also includes any personal right including mineral rights, interest in a building, etc., even if the property is not so constructed. It also includes any interest in immovable property, immovable buildings or real estate of this kind; any right to use a building, or any right to occupy the whole or a part of a building, or any right to install fixtures and fittings in a building, or to enjoy the fruits of ownership of a building. The term ‘real estate’ encompasses a wide range of interests, but one of the most common types is commercial real estate.

Real estate includes any land intended to be used for the construction of a structure, whether permanent or temporary, for particular purposes, like an office building, retail shop, school, etc. It does not include any land that is used for the benefit of human beings. One type of real estate is personal property. This category includes all the things that are useful for humans, like houses, farms, businesses, lands, etc. The other type of real estate is definitely estate that is not personal, like buildings, residential lots, undeveloped land, etc., but it includes immovable land like factories, storage areas, office complexes, etc.

Other examples include single-family homes and condos. A residential real estate property can be either personal property used by one person family, or a group of people living together in a residential complex. Residential real estate deals often include apartments or condominiums. These are both types of real estate, and deal with the sale of a property used as a residence by a group of people.