Industry Blooms With Indian Stocks


Industry Blooms With Indian Stocks

Industries in India are witnessing explosive growth due to several reasons; some of the major ones are government policies, increased demand, and enhanced infrastructure. There are many sectors that are witnessing sharp growth in the last one year alone, this include Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, FMCG, Energy, Chemicals, Engineering, and IT-BPO. The sectors have witnessed a total rise in the employment to over 10 million as of now, which is expected to touch 25 million by the year 2021. This has been facilitated due to an improved infrastructure that has led to better productivity in terms of service delivery, cost, and quality. The positive social media influence on the demand also helped Indian importers and exporters to clinch better deals with their foreign counterparts that resulted in more investment opportunities for the country.

This led to increase in the demand for jobs across the board in all the sectors that have been mentioned above food & beverage, petroleum, industrial services, and IT-BPO. The rising value of the Rupee, relative stability of the economic fundamentals, and improved infrastructure have also helped the Indian economy to flourish. One of the major factors that have boosted the income of the people across the board is the fall in the price of the commodities including the crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, and other essential minerals and metals. Rising employment rate, improved living standards, and higher disposable incomes have helped the economy to flourish in the long run.

It can be said that the Indian economy has been able to mitigate some of the impact of the global slowdown on the macro level, given the fact that the domestic demand is way less than the supply of the same goods internationally. It has also helped the smaller businesses to make profits without affecting the larger economy too much. All these factors have helped Indian stocks to attain record heights, as the market has shown a clear signal that the economy is on the path of recovery. Given the above, it is expected that Indian industries will continue their surge in stocks, which could further boost the economy further.