Main Article of Business Today – Technological Change and Strategic Management

The term “Business” has different meaning to different people. For some it is something that you do in your spare time while for some it is something that they do all day long in their business. It is important to understand that a business cannot exist without the necessary elements. These essential elements include capital, manpower, marketing and advertising. Without these elements then there is no business. In order to be successful you need to ensure that you have these elements or else your business will not last long.

A business is also defined by an annual report filed with the IRS as a tax-free unincorporated operation that has an equivalent of capital, knowledge, and resources of the owners. Businesses can either be non-for profit organizations or for profit ones that conduct primarily to meet a social cause or further a religious purpose. There are many forms of businesses today including franchising and the main article of business today is technology. Many businesses today utilize the Internet as their main form of communication and many businesses employ various strategies such as strategic management, technological change and globalization.

There are several reasons why individuals working at home earn more compared to those who work at a normal job. Individuals working at home can benefit from the additional income. In this day and age where many people live from paycheck to paycheck and the number of households have one or more working adults; there are still many who fall below the poverty line. However, individuals working at home earn more because their costs for living are lower than most. For instance, individuals working at home pay taxes that support the government which enables them to purchase the necessities of life such as food, shelter and health care.