Real Estate Investing – The Basics

Real estate investment is a business venture that aims at using the real estate property as an asset. Real estate investing means buying a real estate property with the intent to turn it into a profit making business, in other words, to turn it into a piece of property that will earn you profits in the future, hopefully. It is a venture that will require a lot of money and time, so you have to be very careful about it. You can be successful in real estate if you know what you are doing.

Real estate investment will also include the rental property and the leasehold property. Real estate investment is different from traditional stock market investing in the sense that you are not buying shares but instead buying buildings. In real estate investment, you don’t own the building but rather you are buying the right to occupy the building. This means that the owner is free to do whatever he wants with his buildings, and you can only rent it out for as long as you want. You can also use the rental property and lease it out to tenants, who in turn will pay you rent.

There are some types of real estate investment that can earn you some good profits. These include permanently attached buildings, which is a type of personal property where you actually permanently own the building that is being rented by the tenant, and the build-to-permanent-use buildings, which is a type of permanently attached property where the tenant does not want to change the use of the building permanently. Permanent buildings include retail stores, hospitals, office buildings, motels, apartments and warehouses, and a lot more. You can also choose to purchase foreclosed or repossessed real estate. You should always keep in mind that real estate investing is a long term business venture, so you have to be very patient about your investments, or else you might lose a lot of money.